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You've Got A Friend Chat and Mentor Service


At You’ve Got a Friend Chat and Mentor Service, our mission is to be that “friend” to those who feel like they have no one out there they can talk to. We are different from most coaching services in that we make our pricing affordable enough that people can talk to someone more often than your standard once a week at $100/hr that other coaches charge. 
During your sessions, you have the option to just talk about whatever ails you in a safe and supportive environment without judgment, have us assist you with coaching or mentoring or a combination of both. As well, if you are feeling overly anxious your coach/mentor Lisa is equipped with calming exercises to help you destress.  You let us know what you would like help with in your sessions, they are flexible to your needs.   
Check out our very affordable rates below and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.  We are always ready to support you in whatever ways and means you need.
Just reach out, we are only a click of the button away!

Best Mentor

Find out how our experienced coach can assist you towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

Satisfaction Guarantee

On your journey towards achieving your goals, we are committed to helping you improve your life and circumstances. Check out our satisfaction guarantee, if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy

Affordable Price

Our goal is to help you talk to a coach more often than the traditional once a week at $100 or more an hour. We want to provide a space where people can access help for as much as 25 hours per month at a rate per session much lower than what standard coaches charge. Click below to see our various chatting/coaching packages offered.


To be neutral but caring listeners and helpers to whoever we are serving to the best of our professional abilities. To hold the space for our clients to vent or share any of their life’s problems in a supportive atmosphere. We are committed to helping people get out of their ruts which are holding them back from creating a better life for themselves’’


Lisa brings a wealth of diverse experience and education to her role as a Life Coach.  In 2009, she went to college and obtained the Career Development Practitioner certificate and then went on to work in the employment industry for several years helping people find work. 

Lisa has a passion for helping people find their inner passions or gifts and use them in the world.  As well she is well equipped to help you with your job search, go back to school if that is what you wish, start a business or side hustle. 

In 2015, she completed a comprehensive Self-Employment course, acquiring the knowledge to start her own business. With determination and resourcefulness, she founded her own driving school, managing all aspects independently. Everything from coming up with the idea for her brand, designing the logo and website, doing the advertising and marketing, as well as all of the administration.   Lisa built this business up from ground zero to a successful, thriving business for 7 years until she decided to change careers again.  This time, she wanted to use her passions for not only anything career related but as well to assist those who have gone through abusive relationships, especially specializing in Narcissistic abuse.

Along with her Career Development and Life Coach certificate, Lisa has taken many different self development courses through the years.  Her most recent one is a course called Neuro-wellness which gives her the tools to help clients who are experiencing increased anxiety in their lives. 

With a diverse range of skills and knowledge acquired from her educational and professional background, Lisa possesses a vast toolkit to draw from to help serve her clients in the most effective way.


Lisa is a very compassionate, supportive, patient as well as empathetic person.  One of Lisa’s spiritual gifts is the gift of Encouragement which means she will never grow tired of hearing whatever is ailing you and supporting you through it to achieve a better experience. Lisa also possesses a great passion to help people find work, choose a career path or discover their inner passions.   

You can trust and count on Lisa to be a non-judgmental listener wherin creating a safe space for you to share whatever is on your mind or troubling you in a safe and supportive atmosphere. She is driven with an inner desire to help you set goals and action steps to get from where you are to a better place in your life.  


Lisa’s journey began in a family marked by dysfunction and a lack of love. Growing up amidst constant conflict and divorce, she felt isolated and unaccepted by those around her. This feeling of being an outcast extended to her social life, where she struggled to make friends or form romantic relationships. In amongst the turmoil Lisa got in with wrong crowds and got involved in unhealthy habits and substances.

Lisa battled with anxiety and depression most of her life, since she struggled with feelings of not fitting in, she spent her entire adult life in self-development through reading books and taking courses in efforts to improve her circumstances. Since graduating from high school, Lisa has worked in many different industries and jobs. She has gone through a number of career changes by going back to College on 3 different occasions. Lisa’s dream since a young girl was to be a singer/performer so her first selection for college was the Commercial Music program, later she got her certificate in Arts and Entertainment Management and then later in years, fuelled by another passion within her for helping others find work and choose careers, she obtained her Career Development Practitioner certificate which is designed to prepare people to work in the Employment field assisting those looking for work and choosing careers.

Lisa has done many different roles in her work history, after completing Music College she went on to continue working with various musicians, playing in bands and performing live. After Arts & Entertainment Mgmt, she went on to book a Beatles tribute band tour and later formed her own business as Booking Agent for entertainment acts, then after completing the Career Development Practitioner course, she went on to work in the Employment industry helping unemployed people find work and choose careers as well as assisting them with their resumes and cover letters in the resource centre.

Besides this, Lisa worked 9 years in Office Administration roles in a variety of different sectors as well as 9 years in the Cosmetic Industry as a Cosmetician then working her way up to Counter Manager for prestigious cosmetic lines. After this, she went on to work on a Cruise Ship in the Gift Shops.

Strategies for Mental Health and connection

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Our Testimonials

What Our Client's Say

Lisa is an amazing life coach who has made a huge difference in my life! From the start, she made me feel like I had a friend to lean on. She's been a huge motivation for me, helping me figure out what I want to do in my career and find a job that's a perfect fit. Not only that, but she's also been there for me when I needed help with personal stuff. Thanks to Lisa, I feel more confident and focused than ever before. She's caring, understanding, and knows her stuff! If you're looking for a life coach who's like a supportive cheerleader, Lisa is the one for you.
Youmna Sassy


  • Your Coach is a trained Life Coach and not a licensed Therapist or Counsellor. She cannot provide assistance for complex psychiatric problems or recommend medications. If you require help in these areas, it is recommended to seek guidance from a medical professional, psychologist, or psychiatrist.
  • We are not a suicide hotline. If you are experiencing thoughts of ending your life, please contact emergency services or a designated suicide hotline in your area. They are equipped with the proper training to assist individuals who are experiencing that sort of a crisis. However, if you are not in a position where you are ready to harm yourself or another, but are needing immediate support through a particular crisis or trying event in your life, we are here for you and encourage you to book a session with us. 
  • Scheduled calls are subject to Lisa’s availability. Please try to book all your calls in after you make your purchase to ensure best availability.
  • Any form of conversation that is sexual or verbally abusive is not tolerated. We have a coaching policy that lays out the rules around that if it occurs. This form will need to be read and agreed to prior to purchasing your coaching package.

You've Got A Friend Chat and Mentor Service

Check out our very affordable rates below and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to



1 hour of individual
chatting or coaching


5 hour of individual chatting or coaching


10 hour of individual chatting or coaching


15 hour of individual chatting or coaching


20 hour of individual chatting or coaching


25 hour of individual chatting or coaching

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