We don’t anticipate that some of the following conditions will happen but also understand that there are so many people out there with different mind sets that we want to include those policies should those circumstances transpire. Herein below will also include how our Satisfaction Guarantee works. After you have read the policies, please indicate your agreement by checking the appropriate box below the policies.

  1. At You’ve Got a Friend Chat and Mentoring Service, we are here to lend a compassionate, non-judgemental and neutral ear to your concerns. Any information you share with your mentor/coach will be held in the strictest confidence and not shared to anyone or any 3rd party.
  2. We are not trained Therapists so cannot help with complex psychiatric problems, nor can we recommend medications. Please ask your Doctor or Psychiatrist if you have one about that if that is a concern.
  3. We are not a suicide prevention line so if you are at a point where you may be wanting to do harm to yourself or to others, we recommend you contact your local suicide prevention line as they are better trained to help assist people encountering that crisis. However with that being said, if you are in a trauma situation and feel desperate for someone to talk to but not in the condition as described in previous sentence, we are definitely here for you. Just go to our website at www.ygafmentoring.com and book a session with us. Our goal is to be readily available for our clients however, keep in mind that availability is based upon your mentor/coach’s schedule.
  4. Your mentor/coach will do her best to be that compassionate person to help with any trials you may be facing or even if you just need someone to talk to about anything that ails you. Sometimes, a solution may not even be there to the issue you are facing in the moment, but you just need someone to hold that space for you during your call. We will be there for you to hold that space. There also could be times that there is a solution if we dig deep enough to find one and your mentor/coach will be there to assist you in that way as well. In that there are so many different personalities out there with different ways each of us views the world, there may be times that you and your mentor/ coach may not agree with how you both view the world. We are not here to engage in any heated debates over differing points of views. If there is such a case, as your professional mentor/coach, we will remain neutral. Our main objective is to be that caring ear for you. Also, as your coach/mentor, we will be that person to hold you accountable towards your goals and action steps towards positive changes in your life if that is what you are needing.
  5. If a client is being overly aggressive towards their mentor/coach to the point where they are yelling or using swear words, your mentor/coach has the right to end the call. If it ever gets to that point, the procedure will be your mentor/coach will issue one warning. If the behaviour continues, she has the right to politely end the call. Any remaining time on that call will be lost at the client’s expense as a warning was given but aggressive behaviour did not cease. After the session, if you have future sessions booked with us, the procedure will be your mentor/coach will reach out to you via email to see how you are feeling about continuing with your remaining calls. At that point, if during this follow up, it has been agreed by you or your mentor/coach to not carry on with your remaining sessions, then a refund will be issued for any remaining ones less a 20% fee taken off of the refund amount for administrative costs associated with processing the refund.
  6. Using sexual innuendos or conversations especially directed towards your mentor/coach will not be tolerated. Your calls could consist of talks about your relationships and that could include talking about your sexual relations if you so desire, however, it would need to be kept to a discreet and professional level in terms of the information shared. If the sexual discussion gets more graphic or outside of professional standards or is directed towards your mentor/coach, then the procedure will be the same as described in the previous section above.
  7. In your calls, we will endeavor to steer clear of anything of a political nature as once again due to the varying different points of views everyone has when it comes to how you view the world and politics, it is better to steer clear of this topic. Again, if the client wants to bring up political views, we as professionals will remain neutral on this subject. With that being said, in your chatting sessions, we do not mind discussing world events as long as it doesn’t get too political.

    Refunds and Satisfaction Guarantee

    We will strive to give the very best service to each and every one of our clients, however we understand that we may not be able to please every person we serve. We therefore have a satisfaction guarantee in place. If you have purchased more than one session with us. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your service, then you are entitled to a refund for the remaining sessions booked. The procedure in these cases will be that you will need to email us at [email protected] with your reason for wanting a refund. Your opinions are important to us so we will use that as feedback to help to continually better and improve our services. We will refund you for any remaining sessions less a 20% fee taken off of the refund amount for administration fees associated with processing the refund. Refunds are issued within 3 days after we receive your email. Check with your bank for their processing times for when you will receive it into your bank account.

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Whether you need to simply talk during challenging times or need guidance from our experienced Mentor, we provide a safe and welcoming space for you. Share your thoughts, seek guidance, and find comfort in knowing that you have a friend who genuinely cares. With You’ve Got a Friend Chat and Mentor Service, you can receive the support you need to navigate through rough days, gain insights, and achieve your goals towards a more positive life.

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