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At You’ve Got a Friend Chat and Mentor Service, our mission is to be that “friend” to those who feel like they have no one out there they can talk to.  We are different from most coaching services in that we make our pricing affordable enough that people can talk to someone more often than your standard once a week calls that you get from traditional coaches. 

During your sessions, you have the option to just talk about whatever ails you in a safe and supportive environment without judgment or to have us assist you with coaching or mentoring..  Or, maybe you would like us to help you with a healing exercise to help calm down an overstressed nervous system if you are experiencing a particularly stressful event. Whichever way, we are here to help. You let us know what you would like to do in your sessions, you are in control!

Check out our very affordable rates below and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to assist you in whatever ways and means you need. Just reach out, we are only a click of the button away!

About Us

Whether you need to simply talk during challenging times or need guidance from our experienced Mentor, we provide a safe and welcoming space for you. Share your thoughts, seek guidance, and find comfort in knowing that you have a friend who genuinely cares. With You’ve Got a Friend Chat and Mentor Service, you can receive the support you need to navigate through rough days, gain insights, and achieve your goals towards a more positive life.

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